What is Twitch? And why Drake playing Fortnite on Twitch is so trending?

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So, we meet again. This time with another trending topic on the Internet. Drake playing the popular co-op game Fortnite on Twitch and breaking the record for maximum concurrent viewers ever. Alright! Alright! I’ll start from the bottom.

What is Twitch?


Twitch is an online service (website and apps) for watching and streaming video broadcasts. Initially, it was developed just for video game streaming but then expanded into a whole multimedia streaming service. But mostly, you are going to find video game streams due to its initial influence. Due to its rising popularity, Twitch was purchased by Amazon in 2014.

What is Fortnite?


Okay so, for all the non-game-heads out there, Fortnite is a co-operative team survival game developed by the company Epic Games. Basically, you need to battle the enemies to survive and last one standing wins. Epic Games has recently launched their game on Android and IOS devices and that has been a pretty trending topic too among the gamers.

Who is Drake?


3 times Grammy award winner, Drake is a quite a popular rapper. You have probably seen song God’s Plan in your YouTube feed lately. That’s from Drake. Other songs include, Hotline Bling, One dance and so on. Okay, still, if you don’t know him, just remember he is a very popular artist and has a massive fan-following.

What happened?

On 14 March 2018, Drake joined the gamer Tyler Belvins“Ninja” in the Fortnite game. Now, you should know that “Ninja” is already a popular pro-gamer among twitch community and has a good amount of followers there. In fact, he’s among the tops. So what happened was initially, Ninja played couple of games with Drake. It got pretty trending right then. This action was streamed from the single player “Ninja”. After a while, they were joined by the rapper Travis Scott and NFL player turned gamer, JuJu Smith.

At one point, the stream was viewed by 628,000 concurrent viewers. The previous record was 388,000. So, just doubled this time. Drake discussed certain things during the stream including how he is vegan during the streams and that he has been playing Fortnite for about a month or two.

This has straight-forwardly impacted the follower-base of Ninja and the earnings too. Damn this social media!! Earlier it was a wink and now this!?


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