How Have Comics Influenced Us?

How have comics influenced us

“I as a kid was inspired by the superheroes. It was through them I realized that it is our responsibility to save the world”.

–Elon Musk.


The comic books sure have sculpted our thinking. No wonder why Elon Musk has turned out to be a real-life Iron Man.


The other day I was watching a documentary about Marvel’s comics. The comic culture had been widely popular in America and Marvel used it as a means to represent the American society.

Cap and Iron Man to the rescue:

Captain America was introduced when World War II had begun paralyzing the Americans. A demand to cease the war had begun to take roots. Captain America symbolized these people. Ironman came during the Vietnam War. It was this guy who had used the war as a business boom and later went to help the needy ones. ‘Iron Man has a heart’ was symbolized by the artificial heart he develops as a consequence of the war, which also showed how the war had broken him. The stronger ‘No war’ America was depicted through these guys.


The rise of Falcon.

When the black people in America needed a superhero to whom they could look up, Marvel introduced  the ‘Black Panther’. It was for the first time when a superhero was a black guy. The Civil war between blacks and whiteshad gone bad. This time it was ‘Falcon’ to the rescue.Marvel showed Falcon with Cap. They’d work together and fight villains. Falcon had proved the proverb ‘Pen is mightier than a sword’ to be correct. It did indeed help relieve tension in the society.

captain america

Wonder Woman for the girls

DC comics introduced Wonder woman as a medium towards women empowerment. She made school going girls believe that they too had powers and were strong enough to defend themselves, come what may. Comics had unleashed the true power a writer holds. It is amazing how small stories had come a long way leading revolutionary changes.

The values they’ve imbibed in us.

We cannot deny the contribution of comics towards shaping our minds. Every nerd looks up to Ironman as an idol. It won’t be incorrect to say that Ironman is no less of a deity. We unknowingly try to inculcate some of their traits. When we play a fair game, we do think ‘Cap will be proud to hear of this”. It’s through them we’ve learned the importance of perseverance, hard work, honesty, generosity and to believe in ourselves. They have taught us to be brave and made us believe that every individual holds infinite power which can change the world we live in. ‘The Avengers’ have stood for ‘United we stand’ and  ‘Good always conquers evil’ has always been the motto behind launching every superhero.

super heroes

In this expanding world of internet, we can rely on these superheroes to mold coming generations the right way.


14 thoughts on “How Have Comics Influenced Us?”

  1. Had never given a thought of this kind while going through comics. Good you have given me this sight.

  2. Piyush Thakur

    Mind blowing article. Really fresh take on the Civil society intermingled in the Comic World and how and why Comic Universe is bigger than many realistic movie production houses combine.

  3. Very nice Article.N ice thought every indivisual hold infinit power which can change the World we live in.
    Keep it up

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