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Is Google Dictating Your Taste?

Your Facebook wall is curated. Google monitors your keystrokes. And, Youtube sprouts recommendations based on your search history. This is hyper-personalization at its peak. Although,

Composition Techniques in Photography

Composing a photograph before capturing it is an important part of photography. A well composed picture is sure to capture the viewer’s attention immediately while

European Privacy Laws

European privacy laws on facebook

The Facebook business model doesn’t have any area risk from the regulators in the US. In Europe, the large General data protection regulation makes the people


The Future Of Automation And Its B.T.S

Autonomous vehicles are pending and they have the likely to fundamentally better people survives. But to reap the prizes of this new knowledge. This means

Aadhaar Got Hacked!

Yes, you read that right. Aadhaar indeed got hacked and that too in under a minute. On 13 March, French security expert Elliot Alderson, tweeted

top 3 wallpaper apps

3 Cool Wallpaper Android Apps

Wallpapers are like makeup for your phone screens. Sometimes, they can even effect your mood. A good wallpaper can elevate your mood the second you

Vero – The Anti-Facebook Social Network

Well-o-well, we never thought we would see something like this; something that would have the ability to challenge the GIANT of social media viz. Facebook.


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