Get Rid of Pop-Ups on Android

Pop-ups are the most annoying things which irritate a lot during reading any interesting article on the internet. A Pop-up appears on to the screen while surfing the internet. Now it’s a high time to stop this from interrupting our reading experience.

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There is no Pop-up blocking method which is 100% working. With this method, with right security practices, you can get rid of these pop-up ads. The method described below is tested in Android Marshmello and above versions.

Sep-By-Step Method to stop Pop-Ups

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser on your Android SmartphoneOpen Google Chrome
  2. Click on More(The three dots) at the top right corner of the screen.Click on more
  3. Click on Settingsclick setting
  4. Go to Site settingsClick Site Settings
  5. Scroll Down to Pop-ups and tap to open its settingsClick on Pop-ups
  6. Use the Slider Button to Block sites for showing pop upFinal Step

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