How to make a Slow Motion video on Android Smartphone

Now that all the Android Smartphones carry a good camera, we can easily capture your beautiful memories. Capturing those beautiful memories and watching them later give great joy. How about capturing a Slow Motion video? The slo-mo video gained popularity from the series of Apple smartphones which gives this inbuilt feature in its camera application.


Sadly, the Slow Motion feature is now available only on some smartphones. However, you can record Slo-mo videos using some professional android applications available online for free.

Making a Slow Motion video

Slow Motion videos can be made by any Android smartphone now. There are basically two ways:

  1. Using Mobile Camera
  2. Using Android Apps

Now let’s see how to use it like a pro.

Using Mobile Camera

To make a Slow motion video use these simple steps

  1. Open the camera.
  2. Click on more button (three vertical dots) on the bottom right of the screen.Select More
  3. Select Slow motion mode.Select Slow Motion
  4. Record the video.
  5. Left Swipe to view the recorded video.
  6. Use the start and end pointer to adjust the starting and ending of your slow motion video.Pointers

Using Android Apps

There are various applications which can be used to make a Slow motion video. These applications are available online on Google Play Store for free. Some of the Android Applications are:

We will be using YouCut to demonstrate how to make a Slow motion video. YouCut is and video editor Android application by InShot inc. It can be used to Cut, Split, Merge and do other editing work on videos.


  1. Firstly download and install the application from the Google Play Store and open it.
  2. Click on the “+” icon in the middle of the lower section to add a video from your phone.Main Screen
  3. Use the start and end pointer to adjust the starting and ending of your slo-mo video.points
  4. Click on the SPEED and use the slider to adjust the speed according to you. Initially, the speed is set to 1.0x. To slow down the video we can reduce it to 0.5x and speed up increase it to maximum of 2.0xSpeed IconSpeed
  5. Save the video then the video will appear in the Gallery.Save

To save the video there are various resolution and size options available to compress and save the video.

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