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What is Qwant?

Okay, so, all the music freaks/music fans/everybody who listen to songs, you’re gonna love what I’m gonna tell you now. You know the tiresome process of searching good quality music over the Internet? We type the name of the song into the Google search & bang our heads into pages of the search result until we find the satisfactory result, right?

Well, guess what! Some folks from France have recognized this problem and presented a beautiful solution named “Qwant”. Qwant is actually a fully-fledged general purpose search engine that “respects our privacy”, but today, I am going to tell you about its music search feature because well, who doesn’t like music.

Currently, in its beta version, the music search feature of Qwant looks very promising and it’s extremely intuitive and easy to use. Qwant is a French company founded by security specialist Éric Leandri, investor Jean Manuel Rozan and search-engine expert Patrick Constant in 2011.

How to use?

So, when you load the Qwant website in your browser you’ll see a page like this:

Qwant homepage

You’ve got a search bar in the center, trending news below that and various search modes on the left-hand side panel to customize your search. Somewhere at the bottom, you’ll find the Music icon:

music button on Qwant

Now we are close to experiencing the Nirvana of Music search. On clicking that icon, the music search page will open and voila! We are there!

qwant news

Here, you have a search bar and trending news related to the music industry according to the location you have selected in the top right corner. Below the news section, you’ll find different genres to select from and various top rankings of songs, albums etc. Now, let’s say we want to listen to some Eminem, type “Eminem” in the search bar and hit Enter.


And with that, we will land on the page with everything related to Eminem. Click on Artist icon, it will lead us to the news, the social media and everything in the detailed manner related to the specific artist.

qwant eminem

There is also the album and tracklist of all the Eminem songs since the beginning. You have the option to listen to YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer. Clicking on any track will simply play the song without any right


Of course, you can sign up and sign in with Qwanta to personalize your searches. Qwant is intelligently smart as it uses AI and recognizes mood according to genres of the songs you listen to. Plus it is connected to the well-known streaming services viz. YouTube, Spotify, and Deezer.

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