Quick Switch feature in new WhatsApp’s Beta update

The most widely used messaging platform WhatsApp has today introduced a new feature via Google Play Beta Program. Facebook-owned company WhatsApp has rolled out a Quick Switch feature for switching between Voice and Video calls. In the latest version, 2.18.4 adds a new button which enables the user to switch from voice call to the video call.

WhatsApp provides Quick Switch button

This feature shows u a button on the calling screen while on a voice call. You can click the button to switch your voice call to video call anytime. At the time you click that switch button the user on the other side of call receives a request which can either be accepted or rejected. Whatsapp will automatically switch from the Voice call to Video call if the request is accepted. However, in case the user rejects the call request the voice call will continue normally.

Quick Switch Screenshot 1

Please note that the feature is limited to Android beta testers or those who’ve signed-up for WhatsApp’s Beta Program. Those interested in becoming a beta tester for WhatsApp can go to Google Play Store. The beta version gives users access to new features before the public rollout. To leave the testing program at any time you can just switch to the public version of WhatsApp app.

Quick Switch Screenshot 2

Currently, if a user wants to switch from voice call to video call, they are supposed to disconnect the call and make a separate video call. Though this feature may not seem to make any difference to many people. But it is most useful for several users across the world. At the moment it is still unknown about the release date of the stable version.

The company will now carry out testing in the beta version before implementing it in the final version of the app. To use this feature, both the caller and the receiver must be using the latest WhatsApp Beta 2.18.4 version. WhatsApp may roll out this feature to Windows Phone and iOS users in the coming days.


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