Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo Update faces issues

Mi A1 Oreo

Xiaomi has undoubtedly released its first Oreo update for Mi A1. Xiaomi launched its smartphone Android One is the month of September. Mi A1 has captured the market due to its new Portrait Mode feature of the camera. Xiaomi launched its Oreo update at the end of December.

Issues after Oreo Update in Mi A1

The Oreo update in Mi A1 has been facing some issues. It’s not strange for an initial software release to end up with the issues. The new update will be rolling out soon to solve all the issues faced in the last update.

Battery Backup Issues

Xiaomi Mi A1 is reporting a significant number of users that after the update of Android Oreo the battery drain is unimaginable, it usually occurs after a large or small software update and is for various reasons. The good part of the story is that the OS comes with inbuilt battery settings that allow users to see the battery usage of each app, thus the people who are getting out of the battery are aware.

While OS allows users to limit background activity, when the app does not need to stop access to data, the Xiaomi Mi A1 Oreo update does not let users do that, which is annoying. But of course, if you find any culprit through battery settings, you can also uninstall them or get updated versions. Sometimes there may be different applications and developers can update these issues as they are resolved.

Camera Issues

The camera in Mi A1 which is its main feature is also is encountering some issues after the update. The users who have reported the issue say that the app is not launching as expected. The app launches with a blank screen and focusing the object is taking much longer time as compared to Nougat. They are also reporting the black lines appear on the screen while using the camera. The image captured also has less of details and the more of noise.

Hopefully, Xiaomi will be soon releasing a new update to fix this issue.

Sound and Calling Issues

Another issue reported by the users is regarding the sound and the calling. It is reported that the users are the output of the sound has lowered as compared to Nougat. This issue is not the primary issue as it is not reported by much of the users.

The more numbers of users have reported that the while calling a noise of hissing sound comes from the earpiece. Even using a headphone or earphone has not solved the issue. Some of the users also reporting that the VoLTE is disabled by default after the Oreo update.

Applications crashing Issues

It’s normal that the application crashes after the updates but not in a stable update. Xiaomi has not launched the beta update instead directly released the stable update. This issue is not expected to occur in the stable updates.

Navigation keys not working well

Xiaomi users have reported that after the Oreo update the navigation keys are malfunctioning. The Home button, The Back button, and the Recent button are reported to malfunction.

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