How to get Google Assistant on Android Lollipop without any root

Google Assistant on Android Lollipop without any root

Google assistant is one of the best things that Google Incorporated has rolled out. It is released in competition with Apple’s Siri as well as Microsoft’s Cortana.

In the world of AI, this application is a revolution in itself, and one of the most convenient ways to search for anything that you like.

It truly is.

You can easily search for any shopping malls or eateries close to you by just holding on the home button, and asking your assistant about it. The days for Google Now are now in the past.

What’s bad about Google Assistant.

The only thing bad about Google Assistant is that it has not been rolled out to all the versions of Android since Google has not rolled out an update to its Play services yet which allow the usage of the assistants in all the devices.

Some of the devices are preloaded with it, while some of the users including that of Lenovo still struggle to get their hands on the Assistant.

So compatibility is the only thing that lets it down.

But not anymore!

There is a way in which you can use Google assistant on Android lollipop without rooting your phone. We are not going to describe it all in some simple steps-

Google Assistant App

  • First, open the Play Store. Then search for Google Assistant in the search bar, where you are going to find such a situation
  • This means that your Google Play services have not been updated to the level where it can support the Google assistant.
  • So open your Google app on the PlayStore, and join the beta program. Now you are going to get a notification that your Google app needs to update itself.

In such a situation, I think you know what to do.

  •  Update the application, and then do not open the Google app.
  • Now go to the Google settings, and from language and input, select the voice input option.
  • From there select the Google enhanced services.
  • Then press and hold your home button, and a dialogue box will appear asking you to choose the default application, where the options are going to be Google now and Google assistant.
  • Just before selecting Google assistant app on the tick that says use as default, then select the Google Assistant app.

And voila!

You can now enjoy the Google much sought after Assistant on your phone, without rooting it!

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