How to flash Custom ROMs on Android Devices

How to flash custom ROM on Android devices1

Hey, Everyone, in this tutorial we are going to see how to flash custom ROM on Android devices. The steps are similar for all devices but for this tutorial, I’ll be using a LeEco Le2 device.

Before getting into the tutorial we need to know a few things, rooting, custom recovery, and custom ROM. The custom ROM is like a different os for the mobile phone. The custom recovery is the place on the phone where we can flash these custom ROM.

custom ROMs

Steps to flash custom ROM

Step 1: First of all before we you to flash custom ROMs, the device should be rooted. In case if you don’t know what rooting is a quick intro would be getting extra privileges on your Android device which will let you change its os.

Step 2: You need to find the custom recovery for your device. You could find custom recoveries for most of the devices in XDA forums.

Step 3: You need to find the custom ROM for your Android device. This can be also found in XDA forums.

Step 4: Now you need a pc to flash your custom recovery. Turn on ADB debugging on your Android device (it should be available in the developer options) if there is no developer options tap on the build number of the phone in Settings -> About phone. After turning it on on the mobile phone you need to check whether your pc has ADB, else you need to download it for the pc and install it. If you have android studio installed you would have ADB, else Google *Minimal ADB and fastboot* and download it.

Few more steps

Step 5: After downloading and installing ADB and the recovery and the ROM now you are ready to flash. Goto the command prompt in windows (Winkey + R and then cmd in the run command) in the folder where the minimal ADB is installed.

1) Type adbdevices in the cmd, it’ll show your device and in your device, there’ll be a popup click ok in that.

2) Type fastboot flash recovery *recovery img name* and press enter.

3) Type fastboot *boot recovery img name*  and press enter.

Step 6: You’ll boot up into your custom recovery, find the downloaded custom ROM in your recovery and press install. The installation time varies for each device.

Step 7: After installation reboot into your device, the first boot takes up to 10 minutes be patient and voila you have successfully flashed a custom ROM on your android device

Follow these steps to flash a custom ROM. And a precautionary note keep your device charged at least 60 – 70% before following these steps. Thanks for reading have a great day.

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