Now Block Ads on Android Smartphones

What is that one feature in our expensive smartphone or tablet which keeps bothering? An instant and unanimous answer would be 3 words – ADS. It is completely infuriating to have advertisements popping up in between our favorite videos. In addition, few of these lengthy ads might even drain out the battery from our Android applications.

Having said, Ads are one of the sources for many websites to make some money and they do serve a purpose trying to reach out to people with some sort of discounts or new product or service or even just a simple piece of information. But then to view them amongst an interesting article read in the browser is just insane.

Block Ads

So, how do we get rid of these annoying Ads? The answer is quite simple – we just need to block them right away.

But then, how do we do it? When you type in Adblocker in google search you get a full page listed with options giving you a wide range of blockers available in the market.

You are in a check – right?

There would be a number of questions popping up in your mind – How do I trust these websites? Can I just blindly rely on review sections? What if I get a malware detected along with one of this blocker installation?

Well to ease you with your decision in choosing the best Ad Blocker for your phone, I have listed down my personal experience with few Ad blocker apps for Android. All of these have been installed, used, tested and most important they are safe.

Just give a quick read and choose the one which suits you the best.

Ad block

This is free ad blocker for Android applications which runs background to filter all the advertisements. Ad block prevents your phone from any malware and tracking behind ads. The most important feature is that this app ensures privacy of data and has almost nil effect on battery due to its blocking ads. But the catch is that it comes with distinct functionality for rooted and unrooted Android devices. There is a specific add-on named ABP (Ad Block plus) which can be downloaded and installed to enjoy ad-free browsing with Chrome/Firefox in your android browser. It can be a perfect option to switch to these from your usual browser if you love to enjoy the ad-free atmosphere.

Download Ad Block Now

Brave Browser – Fast Adblocker

This browser is the best solution as it comes with an in-built Adblocker. It helps multitasking between tabs and one efficient way to completely get rid of our very old browsers which allow ads pop up then and there. This application blocks ads and tracker to allow you enjoy a fast and safe browser. It can be used in Mac as well it has a very clean user interface. This ensures privacy protection of data as well.

Download Brave Browser Now

Opera Mini – Fast web browser

Chrome and Firefox might be the most predominant browsers but then if you are looking for a fast safe browser that saves data ensures privacy protection and blocks ads then Opera Mini might be a good choice. This is a free downloadable from the Play store – it has everything especially its tabs and page saving mode. The in-built ad blocker helps the paging of its websites and this has an easy interface as well.

Download Opera Mini Now

Even though we have a handful of options to get rid of Ads we need to keep in mind that we might end up in a situation to switch off these ad blockers in order to enjoy browsing of few of our favorite websites. The advertisements are quite essential to keep few websites alive. Please ensure in such cases you turn them off and switch them on later once you are done with browsing.

Please go ahead make your choice, download the FREE app and start enjoying an ad-free environment in your Android applications.

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