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Something new in Android Oreo

Google has recently released the next version of Android. Android Oreo update starts with a better battery life, improved performance, and many other features. Android phones and tablets are about to learn some new tricks.

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Improved battery life with Vitals

Once Android Oreo hits your phone, expect improved battery life, thanks to Google’s Vitals initiative. Google’s adding what it calls “wise limits” to create automatic caps for what apps can do in the background. These limits will curtail excessive use of background services and location updates. So your apps won’t be able to do too much damage to your battery when not being used.

Notification dots

Android Oreo allows users to see notifications they’ve missed. The user needs not to pull down the drop-down menu from the top of your screen. Apps with missed notifications will sport a badge that draws its color from the app’s icon, so you can quickly scan your home screen to check out the state of affairs. (iOS users are familiar with this, with the red badges on their app icons.) A long-press on an app with a Notification Dot will open a menu (that looks like 3D Touch) of those missed notifications.

Notification dots

Picture in Picture Mode(PiP Mode)

You’ll be able to take that YouTube video or your video call as you switch from app to app, as Android Oreo will offer picture-in-picture (PiP) support throughout the OS. iOS users already enjoy picture-in-picture support, but only on the iPad. This feature will be all over Android devices as they get their Oreo updates, and users will activate it by simply hitting the home button while watching a video. PiP videos can be dismissed by simply swiping the clip away.

Pip Mode

New Emojis

Google gives you rounder emojis in Android Oreo that is more akin to what you’ll find on iOS. Several of the emojis that illustrate different objects have also been tweaked, so you’ll have numerous choices to explore the next time you want to say what you need with more than words. All told, Google promises 60 new emojis in Oreo.


The good news for those who may not see the Oreo update for a while is you can still score the emojis. Google created an Emoji Compatibility Library that enables developers to display the emojis in their app, even if it runs on a device with an older version of Android. So if you have a phone that may have to wait for the Oreo update, check out favorite messaging apps to see if they have the new creatures.

Wi-Fi Auto Enable

A clever, new feature will automatically turn your phone’s Wi-Fi back on based on your location. This way, your phone can connect to your home network when you arrive, saving you from any fiddling with the device.

To enable this feature, go to Network and Internet > WiFi > WiFi Preferences. Then toggle on the setting. Your phone will then use its location knowledge to reconnect to networks like your home Wi-fi. It’s a clever way to save on data usage and use the phone’s internal smarts without flipping the Wi-Fi on and off.

These all features are available on the Android Oreo update only. Check if your phone gets the Android Oreo update.

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